Welcome to Talent Magnet

Thank you for listing yourself on our system.  We have a strategy to build a select group of freelancers who we place with specific agencies as the opportunity arises.  we are different in that we negotiate with specific agencies, offering them your skill set and engage them to use your services.  We believe that when you succeed we also do.  Every creative agency you work at will have an opportunity to rate you as you will have to rate them.  This rating will ensure that you get properly recognized for the great quality of work you present.

We believe a CV and Portfolio’s are important, but we place a great deal of value on the trust and recommendation of people you have previously worked with.  This may mean that one great recommendation by an Agency could go a lot further than an applicant with a sterling CV.  This means that once you in our system and work for one of our partners, chances are that you become a more hire able individual.